pallandrome (pallandrome) wrote,

The Waiting Game

Waiting Sucks.

I'm currently waiting to hear back on a job that I'd LOVE to have (we're talking dream job material here), but might not get. Which is fine, you dont always get what you want, and I've got other directions I can go in life, planned out as needed. But waiting to hear, one way or the other, sucks.

I'm also waiting on other things in my life. Waiting for my wife to find the right job for after graduation, waiting for my new publisher to actually finally send me my advance, waiting to see where exactly we'll be moving in 6 months, waiting to see if I'll be able to afford moving at ALL. all of which adds a tiny bit of stress onto things. I'm not overly used to stress, so I'm not sure how well I'm reacting to it. *shrug* Alas, that's just life sometimes.

My discomfort with waiting does make me think, sometimes, that I might be a touch hyperactive. Lord knows my wife would agree: I'm forever bouncing my knee, or rapping my fingers on something. Keeping myself busy often equates to keeping myself happy, so I suppose I'll be ramping up another writing project soon, this time before even finding a publisher for it. The prospect is a little daunting to be doing this without any outside direction. I often wonder if the lack of external focus will help or hinder my work. At the very least, I figure it'll be nice to actually own something I've created, for once. Meybe I'll even be able to make a sane amount of money off of it. Stranger things have happened.

I guess I'll wrap this up. I'm not usually one to drown in my own introspection, but I'm at work, and working for health insurance SUCKS. Anything to distract myself, any port in the storm, is, to an extent, a welcome one.
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