pallandrome (pallandrome) wrote,

theories and trailers

So, have you seen the new Transformers? Before the movie was this trailer, it was a hand held video of a going away party that turns into parts of New York exploding, the head of the Statue of Liberty rolling down the street, on fire, and a loud roar. After looking into some of the viral media that was released to give the interested public some way of getting information about it, It seemed like it might be a big budget JJ Abrahms Call of Cthulhu movie. Which would be hella cool. I based this conjecture on finding the word "Rl'yeh" hidden in the source code of a website ( that had been linked to JJ's mysterious Cloverfield project.

Now I'm thinking I might be wrong. One of the filming sites for the Cloverfield project has been code named Slusho. An immediately after an interview with JJ where he said, and I'm paraphrasing mind you, "Cloverfield is not connected to the Ethan Haas site, but there are other sites related to the project", a new web site called popped up, advertising a slushie like beverage. So one might reasonably ask how Slusho and JJ are related?

In the second episode of Alias, Vaughn offers Sydney a Slusho.

How cool would it be for a big budget Alias movie? I'm thinkin hella cool.
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